Summer Company Offsite 2022: Bern

Company Summer Offsite 2022

At Onedot, we highly value our quarterly Company Offsites. As a remote-first company with an international team, these in-person gatherings are very important to stay up-to-date, connect, exchange ideas, and have a great time.

This time, we decided to go to the fifth largest city in Switzerland for our Summer Offsite, the capital Bern. After being spoiled with splendid weather for our Spring Offsite in Lugano, we were happy to have another Offsite with good weather. Onedot Company Offsites usually start with morning working sessions and exciting team activities intending to have fun together in the afternoon. 

The morning session started after arriving in Bern and starting the day with a welcome coffee. We had a lot to celebrate this time: several promotions, company anniversaries, and a new team member. After looking back at our latest achievements, we looked into ways to enhance collaboration and communication on the Onedot product data platform. The task for the breakout session was to figure out ways to make the platform more accessible for new users and understand the needs of different users on the platform.

The three groups came back with exciting new ideas, such as leveraging existing options for better collaboration, facilitating communication via chat, and introducing the platform with a tour of the platform. The results were particularly exciting because the three groups were randomly assigned. Thus different professional backgrounds came in contact with each other. Something that helps to understand different needs better and also bridges the gap between business and technology.

During the lunch that followed, discussions continued eagerly. But a Onedot Offsite is not a Onedot Offsite if there is no action and fun in the afternoon. Through the city of Bern flows a landmark of the city, one that the citizens of Bern are particularly proud of: the Aare. It is the longest river that begins and finishes within Switzerland, measuring about 295 kilometers.

Therefore, we went river rafting, since there's no better way to experience the city. We floated through the city, past the Bärengraben (we are convinced that one of the bears waved at us), under the many bridges all the way to Worblaufen.

We then concluded this great day with a leisurely beer back in town before heading home to Zurich, Cluj, Alicante, or Bern. Would you like to take part in the next offsite? We're hiring! For more information and job openings, feel free to check out our jobs page; everyone at Onedot knows: After the offsite is before the next offsite!