Spring Company Offsite 2022: Lugano

Finally, we continued the tradition of coming together for a quarterly company offsite. The more than two-hour drive to Switzerland's sunniest region early in the morning provided the first opportunity to chat and sip coffee in a relaxed atmosphere. Unlike the last offsite, the journey did not take us to the mountains but sunny Ticino. Since in the past it wasn't possible to organise in-person meetings, Onedot now hosts quarterly Offsites instead of bi-annual Offsites.

After a drive through the Gotthard base tunnel, which at 57 km is the longest railway tunnel in the world, we arrived in Lugano. As if on cue, the weather was also suitably splendid, which made the walk to the Pestalozzi Hotel through the old town of Lugano even more enjoyable. Furthermore, one of our team members from the region pointed out many fun facts about the budlings we passed along the way. Finally, the witty insights and the joy of finally seeing all the team members in person again led us to arrive at the Hotel Pestalozzi upbeat and full of anticipation.

After settling in and enjoying the first delicious snacks offered by the hotel team, the first session was kicked off by welcoming new team members and looking back at our achievements. Then, after revisiting the company strategy, we split up into teams. All teams discussed how to provide the best possible service to our customers and how to further highlight the many new features and capabilities of the Onedot product data platform. Everyone contributed much-valued insights, from sales and marketing teams to delivery, product engineering, and tooling.

After great discussions, exchanging ideas, and figuring out ways to promote the different capabilities of the Onedot product data platform, we had lunch together. We were looking forward to the great outdoor activities planned. Everyone at Onedot knows: A company offsite is incomplete without some fun events. So while those who had signed up for the rowing class immediately had to get to the lake after lunch, the prospective hikers could take the afternoon more leisurely.

No matter which team you were on, Lake Lugano took center stage. Some enjoyed the cold water of Lake Lugano while rowing and others enjoyed the majestic views of Monte Brè. The great weather, wonderful views, and fun activities made this company offsite one filled with great memories. And that is the most important part of a company offsite: creating memories together while having a fun time. Everyone is encouraged to exchange ideas openly and honestly, regardless of whether one has been with the company since its founding or has only recently started.

Can sympathies also be exchanged over ice cream? After rowing and hiking (the hike mainly consisted of catching the funicular up the mountain), everyone gathered in front of the best Gelato place in Lugano. Then, elated and with a gelati in hand, we headed back to the Lugano train station. We said goodbye to sunny Lugano with a full ice cream belly, great memories, and a beer to toast on the train ride. Because as everyone knows, the real work only starts after the offsite.

Would you like to take part in the next offsite? We're hiring! For more information as well as job openings, feel free to check out our jobs page. As everyone at Onedot knows: After the offsite is before the next offsite!