We have a new brand itentity!

We have some great news to share: We are proud to announce that Wealthport AG, after more than three years of existence, has been renamed to Onedot AG! We also designed a new visual identity that better emphasises the company’s core values and the vision we believe in.

The roots of Onedot AG date back to 2014 when we were active in financial services and wealth management. We set off to change the way finance professionals take informed investment decisions by combining and identifying the relevant financial data across sources. Soon, we realised that obtaining quality data from different data sources, in the right format and structure, is a relevant problem in almost all verticals.

Over time, we have refined our service offering and specialised in data integration, transformation and categorisation, commonly known as data preparation activities. Today, Onedot is active in several industry verticals, with a strategic focus on e-commerce, retail and online marketplaces.

So why Onedot? Three reasons:

First, our new brand symbolises simplicity. Simplicity is the antipole to our highly sophisticated artificial intelligence (AI)-powered software, but also a messenger for an easy and enjoyable brand experience.

Second, our brand carries the symbol of unity because the core of our business is to unify data. Technically speaking, unifying data is data integration and normalisation, which means bringing data together as one. It goes without saying that one also reflects our high ambitions to become the global number one in product data preparation.

Third, unifying data is just one side of the coin. The other side of the coin is extracting the essence from unified data. Essence, in its purest form, is symbolised by a dot.

Therefore, we combined one with dot to become Onedot.

During this evolution, we also reflected on our vision and what drives us on a personal level. We believe that data is the foundation to solving the world’s biggest problems. Data comes in so many different shapes, structures and levels of quality which make it impossible to use or even just to access.

We can’t solve the world’s biggest problems on our own but we can contribute to solving these problems by giving people and organisations access to the right data, in the right structure and the right quality. We call this consumable data.

Despite the new name and visual identity, everything stays the same. Still, it feels like a rebirth of the company. We are highly motivated to continue our exciting journey and use advanced technology to make the world’s data better consumable for everybody.