Product Data Management with AI

In stationary retail, customers can see the product, touch it and get advice from a salesperson. This is not possible in online retailing. This is why online customers need relevant product information before making a purchase decision. This includes detailed product characteristics and images. A lack of product information often leads to inquiries at customer support, returns or annoyed customers. The customer has a bad buying experience and the retailer has unnecessary costs.

Dealers expect comprehensive digital product information from suppliers. However, the reality in many cases is that the industry does not provide complete or accurate product information. The industry is struggling with digitization and offering the digital twins, the digital representation of a product. In order to create the product in the trading system, a time-consuming preparation of the data by the trader is necessary, because the product information comes in different forms. This limits growth, produces high costs and poor conversions.

This is why Onedot exists. Retail companies today use Onedot Artificial intelligence (AI) to create or enrich products faster and easier. This includes steps such as automated product categorization, attribute mapping or cleansing, all based on self-learning algorithms developed by Onedot. This makes it easier for stationary retailers to bring product ranges online, for e-commerce companies to automate product data processes or for marketplaces to better scale their product ranges through faster onboarding of suppliers and retailers.

If you are looking for an all in one product data solution, please approach us. Together with highly qualified partners, Onedot covers the entire product data management activities; we call it ONEDOT 360° PRODUCT DATA. It is a set of services like

- Product data preparation

- Third-party content integration

- Automated text generation

- Manual content curation

- Photo shooting and video editing

- Translation services

- SEO optimisation

Onedot as a general contractor offers consulting, training and support to take your business to the next level with comprehensive product information. Contact us to find out more how you can drive a holistic product data management strategy on the Onedot Platform.