Onedot joined NetComm Suisse e-Commerce Association

We have joined the NetComm Suisse E-Commerce Association!

NetComm Suisse goals are to support the interests of e-Commerce companies, contribute to the knowledge and diffusion of e-Commerce. Including related services and technologies, and to bring down the barriers that limit the development of the sector. Through activities as diverse as lobbying, legal & fiscal support, training and research, the organization aims to build a stronger e-Commerce environment in Switzerland and beyond to enable sustainable growth across the industry.

At Onedot, we always believe in openly sharing insights about the e-Commerce community, whether it is presenting at meetups, publishing open-source software or pushing the limits of automated product data preparation. We are looking forward to interesting conversations, great exchange of insights and new collaborations to push e-Commerce in Switzerland to the next level.NetComm Suisse supports Associates to build their own businesses and at the same time build a stronger community of E-Commerce operators for the future. Networking events, training, institutional relations and research into the digital market; NetComm Suisse enables greater consumer confidence in E-Commerce and greater success for participants in the industry. NetComm Suisse also engages proactively with the media and international institutions, providing information, concrete data and a voice for the wider industry, seeking to help build a more engaged and successful future for E-Commerce.