Mastering Unique DIY Retail Challenges With AI-Powered Product Data Onboarding

Next-generation product data onboarding for DIY

It's challenging for the DIY community to find the right product, tool or material for the best price online, especially since most do-it-yourselfers want detailed information on the products in question to compare them with similar products. Providing customers with the demanded premium product experience poses a challenge for retailers, home improvement stores, and manufacturers.

By leveraging AI-powered product data onboarding retailers can ensure faster time-to-market of new products, tools, and materials while upholding high product data standards. It's the most sustainable way to provide a well-curated product range online while simultaneously minimising time-consuming and error-prone manual product data upkeep. Manufacturers can use the Onedot product data platform to upload their product catalogues with one click and distribute their product data into as many channels and retailers as they need for business success. Either way, investing in automated product data onboarding proves quintessential for your digital business. Here's how you can leverage the Onedot product data platform to shape the best-in-class product experience.

Transforming Product Data Onboarding With AI

The steady increase in revenue generated online has changed the DIY business landscape. Do-it-yourselfers spend more money online than in-store. Thus, providing a premium product experience is essential. However, when it comes to product data handling, most retailers struggle to uphold the high data quality their detailed product data model demands. In addition to using various data sources with differing data structures, adding new products can prove time-consuming and not scalable.

The AI-powered and well-structured Onedot product data onboarding process allows DIY retailers to automate their product data onboarding process. The powerful Onedot AI maps supplier attributes to the desired target system attributes. Unlike any other product data processing software, Onedot AI can leverage various product data types, classifications, and long-format texts and automatically transform them into the desired data structure. This advanced automated product data onboarding process ensures that products available online meet data quality standards.

Processed Suppliers by Onedot AI

All mappings are generated automatically by the Onedot AI using various syntactic and semantic text analyses, including word embedding techniques, deep learning, and transformer-based language models. Our experienced Machine Learning Research Team is constantly working on the product data platform, ensuring that the algorithms applied and developed are cutting-edge and based on the latest machine learning techniques tailor-made for the market it serves. To date, the Onedot AI has been trained with over 750 million products from suppliers worldwide and has a precision and recall rate of over 80%, sometimes even 96%.

Selection of Suppliers Processed by Onedot AI

By introducing the powerful Onedot AI into your product data management, you'll be able to quickly introduce new product catalogues, improve existing product information and enhance how customers find products online by adding better search filters and product attributes. This is based on the automated pipeline that includes automated attribute extraction, auto-classification and categorisation, attribute mapping and normalisation, among other capabilities. The automated product data onboarding process translates the supplier data structure quickly and efficiently to the desired product data structure, resulting in a much faster time-to-market. Furthermore, the consistent product data quality directly translates into a high-quality customer experience and increased purchase rate.

Leveraging Self-Service for Premium Supplier Onboarding

Preparing product data for the premium online experience demanded by customers is the key to business success. However, most retailers lose too much time procuring and sourcing product data. Thanks to the Onedot product data platform, suppliers can directly upload and process their data automatically, ensuring that their data meets the quality standards retailers give. Since the automated pipelines are designed to convert all supplier or manufacturer catalogues, available in various data formats, directly into an importable ERP or PIM format, suppliers don't have to fill out complicated and time-consuming templates. Instead, they can upload and distribute their product information to the relevant retailers, marketplaces, and third-party channels in their existing format.

Retailers benefit from the high level of product data onboarding automation, making their data onboarding processes scalable, efficient, and simple as one click. In addition, the intuitive Onedot user interface facilitates collaboration between retailers and suppliers, letting them communicate readily on the platform and exchange information quickly and easily via the chat function.

The Onedot product data platform allows organisations to handle their data onboarding autonomously, greatly cutting down on time and expenses related to manual operations. Additionally, non-technical people may easily explore and efficiently use Onedot because of its user-friendly interface. The self-service architecture ensures that teams from all departments may participate in the product data handling, thus democratising the data onboarding process. Finally, companies can update their product information in real time to ensure customers can access the most recent and precise information online.

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