Join us at the 4. E-Commerce Meetup in Zurich, Switzerland

We are happy to announce that Tobias Widmer, CTO at Onedot, will be giving a short presentation about automated product data preparation in an E-commerce setting.

Join us. Product data is one of the key competitive advantages for medium and big retailers, e-commerce companies and online market places. Adequate product data quality not only helps to increase conversion rates of store visitors, but also influences growth and agility of e-commerce companies positively.

In his presentation, Tobias will focus on all necessary ingredients for a successful automated data preparation pipeline. From the definition of a product data model (PDM) to algorithmic approaches to automatically integrated, transform and categorise product data. Other planned speakers include Sebastien Pellet, formerly with Amazon, which will give a presentation about how Amazon uses its logistics infrastructure to build a competitive advantage. Also, Lukas Smith, a partner at Liip, which will be talking about headless B2B marketplaces

Sebastien Pellet - Ex-Amazon - "How does Amazon uses its logistic to build a competitive advantage?"

Lukas Smith - Partner Liip - "über seinen Blogpost - Headless B2B marketplace?"

Tobias Widmer - CTO Onedot - "Vom Produktdatenmodell bis zur automatischen Datenaufbereitung: Prozesse, Methoden und Algorithmen"