Innovation Meets Fashion - Ticino FashionTech Valley 2018 3 months ago

Fashion is a very competitive industry and focusing on social media and e-commerce platforms is not enough anymore. The future of fashion is in tech. For example, using AI to provide quality product data and personalised offers online, using visual search to find desired products, enhancing user-experience with Augmented Reality

We attended Innovation Meets Fashion event in Ticino to take part in the discussions about the current and future scenarios of fashion and technology. We put together event notes covering the most interesting topics and solutions from our point of view:

  • Google: Fashion industry in the age of assistance
  • digitalswitzerland: Fashion Innovation Week 2018: Thinking Beyond Fashion
  • Accenture: Driving co-innovation and digital transformation in fashion and retail
  • Accenture: From emerging tech to mainstream immersive experiences: Why fashion brands must act now
  • commercetools: Creating a modern digital ecosystem around your fashion brand
  • Moschino: New B2B e-Commerce models in fashion & retail
  • Diadora & Co.: Financial implications of human capital acquisition in investment and innovation
  • NetComm Suisse: From e-Commerce to innovation: Making Ticino the FashionTech Hub of Europe
  • NetComm Suisse: Leaders of Fashion Innovation Pricegiving

Want to know more on the subjects discussed at the Innovation Meets Fashion event? Get your own copy of the notes, curated by Onedot, to explore innovative solutions leaders in the commerce business are using to step up their game.





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