Data Onboarding With AI: Here’s How AI-Powered Product Data Onboarding Works

How AI applications address eCommerce problems

The importance of leveraging AI in product data onboarding can’t be understated. Introducing state-of-the-art AI-powered software to improve the data and customer experience is the new normal. Therefore, eCommerce managers must find ways to improve, transform, and cleanse product data quickly and at scale.

It’s this core challenge addressed by the international roundtable event organized and hosted by our partner Based in the Netherlands, specializes in consulting companies worldwide to find PIM and product data management solutions that fit their needs. Among other experts from Akeneo and Digital ConsultingHaus LLC/GmbH, we highlighted why product data is essential for a seamless customer experience and how to solve real-world product data challenges thanks to AI.

Product data provided by suppliers is messy because the data provided is incomplete or in the wrong format. The more suppliers there are, the more arduous the manual labor becomes, resulting in costly and inefficient workarounds and poor product data quality. By introducing a state-of-the-art product data onboarding process, companies ensure high-quality product content at scale and a highly automated process that decreases the amount of manual labor required and, thus, a much faster time-to-market.

AI-powered product data platform capabilities unpacked

At the beginning of product management processes is the collaboration with suppliers. Data needs to be exchanged securely, and questions that may arise should be addressed efficiently, intuitively, and timely. Onedot has made collaboration a key aspect of data management success by providing data exchange functionality, data requests, and a support chat function on the product data platform.

Another great advantage of using the product data platform is that suppliers don’t need to adhere to rigid templates. Therefore, it’s easy for suppliers and manufacturers to upload their catalogs in the format they already have in use. Trained with over 700 million products, the product data platform by Onedot can automatically map these catalogs without retailers having to do much manual work. In addition, retailers can set up straight-through processing data pipelines to automate the mapping, classification, enrichment, normalisation, and matching stages of data transformation. As a result, the Onedot AI achieves between 80%-95% precision and recall depending on supplier data quality and existing merchant product data quality. As a reference, a human delivers about 80% precision and recall.

This unparalleled level of automation is achieved by a large-scale machine learning-based fuzzy data matching and integration machine that runs efficiently on an affordable cloud infrastructure. Thanks to the data given by customers, which are otherwise inaccessible, internet-scale data sets, and the Onedot Graph, the Onedot AI sets the standard for the powerful possibilities in data onboarding.

What is next in AI applications for eCommerce?

This event highlighted the need for AI-powered product data onboarding solutions that streamline the collaboration with suppliers and product data transformation, thus achieving a much faster time-to-market. We thank for the invitation and are looking forward to continued collaboration. Are you looking into ways to future-prove your data management processes? Would you like more information on the Onedot platform? Contact us today and learn more about how you can leverage the Onedot product data platform.

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