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  • Merchandise management system in the end-of-life status.
  • New, modern ERP for different sales channels necessary.
  • Fewer product attributes available in product data.
  • New PIM requires Merchandise management and dealer data.


  • Enrichment of existing merchandise management data with manufacturer data
  • Creation of Golden Records from several products.
  • Product data preparation to new target structure.
  • Cleanup and normalisation of product data.

For over 70 years, the traditional group of companies WEKO has been operating successfully in the furniture market. The WEKO Group includes the WEKO Wohnen furniture stores with locations in Pfarrkirchen and Rosenheim, the WEKO kitchen specialist store in Eching near Munich and two Schleudermaxx special-purpose stores in Linden and Rosenheim. The Schleudermaxx range includes self-service furniture, household goods, home textiles, drugstore products, tools and much more.


WEKO, which operates sustainably, recognised that the existing inventory management system was getting old and that stationary retailers had to include e-commerce structures. The extensive product data must be embedded in the company’s data system in order to achieve a market-driven competitive position.


Modern PIM facilitates the richer management of product data. The end-customer places ever higher demands on product information. More product information leads to higher conversion and thus higher sales. The motivation to introduce a PIM system is not necessarily linked to e-commerce. Print catalogs required for stationary retailing rely on granular information. Comprehensive product data becomes more important as multiple distribution channels are recorded simultaneously.


The article installation in a modern PIM system is technically demanding and binds internal resources which are missing from the operational business. Therefore, WEKO has opted for an external solution to cleanse, structure and process the numerous, unstructured and complex source product data obtained from multiple sources. The expertise of both sides could be brought together optimally; WEKO employees are experts in the furniture industry, but Onedot experts are in demand on the data page.


“One of the biggest challenges is the article data. We can not take over from the old system because the data is unstructured and not sufficiently detailed. Since we use the item data in the PIM not only for modern ERP but also for other channels such as print dissemination and various distribution channels, we need a lot of details about the items.”

Rainer Latzlsperger, Management WEKO.


First, the existing product data, a mix of basic data and manufacturer data, was prepared. For each manufacturer, the existing product data and product attributes were compared with newly requested manufacturer catalogs, for example using existing keys such as EAN or order number. Duplicate entries or products presented additional enrichment challenges and there was no target data, just a targeting scheme.

The missing product information had to be compensated. WEKO had a precise set of rules for filling standard attributes of furniture, such as color area or material surface, which determine how these attributes should be filled depending on the product type.

This was the Onedot software trained on different batches; a variety of other requirements made the training of the software and the processing of about 20 manufacturers per run a challenge. Thanks to the cooperation, we were able to quickly convert the data supplied by suppliers in any format into the format required for the article category and import it into the PIM system. WEKO was able to bring the products live.


“The support from Onedot has brought us a great deal of simplification for the preparation of the product data. Without Onedot we would not have been able to realize necessary internal deadlines. The results achieved are also very important for other WEKO locations. Onedot has managed to prepare and enrich our product data within our ambitious timetable.”

Rainer Latzlsperger, Management WEKO.


More than 200,000 products from almost 100 suppliers have been enriched and the data processed. The foundation for using the product data in further channels has been laid. The ambitious WEKO timetable was adhered to and the advantages of the modern infrastructure could be used in a timely manner. This enables the agile implementation of further innovations and strengthens WEKO as one of the market leaders in the Bavarian furniture market.



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