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VSV Breakfast: Last Mile | Zürich | 16.01.2019

Delivery speed customer expectations of are growing daily; Next Day has become the standard, Same Day is a hot topic. What is really feasible? Where do the established companies stand with their offers and what can the young ones achieve that is not yet conceivable with the big ones? VSV Breakfast 2019 shows what is possible and what online retailers should be prepared for.


E-nnovation Week 2018: The New Commerce Forum | Baden | 20.11.2018

The conversational commerce is here and disruptive innovations can change a company inside out. Forrester, Sanofi, Microsoft, Quadro, Ava, Accenture, North Face and Facebook tell us what future retail experiences will look like, which innovations will emerge in mobility or how intelligent brands will drive intelligent retail with stories. Learn more.


VSV SEMINAR 2018: Offline drifts Online | Thun | 25.10.2018 – 26.10.2018

Conversions: offline pushes online. Sales have doubled since the catalogue was sent to potential customers. Offline is back although the Homo Digitalis has arrived. The Maslow’s hierarchy of needs 2018 comes in a different hierarchical structure. WLAN, 4G, smartphone and electricity are regarded as basic needs, WhatsApp, Google, weather app and navigation system as safety needs and social media as social belonging. Career goal influencer covers esteem needs and self-actualisation and self-transcendence takes place on Youporn. Nevertheless, offline is the new luxury. Read more.


GS1 ECR TAG 2018: Trends im Handel | Wiesbaden | 19.09.2018 – 20.09.2018

The online and offline trade came together in the city of Wiesbaden to discuss trends, strategies and solutions to optimise their business models. ECR Tag 2018 is the largest German meeting place for the consumer goods industry with contributions from Alibaba, Lidl, rheingold Institut, dm-drogerie markt, Globus, Google, IBM, MediaMarktSaturn, Nestlé, Markant, Mars and Unilever. In the compact Onedot Minutes you can read what was presented under the motto “Trends in retail” and with the slogan “Growing together” under the organization of GS1 Germany.



DMEXCO 2018: Digital Marketing Expo & Conference | Köln | 12.09.2018 – 13.09.2018

DMEXCO 2018 gathered 41.000 visitors in the Cologne exhibition halls to discuss online marketing, E-Commerce, social media, to exchange ideas and to network. About 1,100 exhibitors / more than 40 countries attended the conference for industry professionals who want to discover new ways of engaging customers. The organisers succeeded in attracting 550 national and international top speakers to Cologne to take part in the conference programme. For example: Alex Cheng, Baidu / Ron Johnson, Enjoy /Pieter Haas, Media Markt / Wanli Min, Alibaba Cloud /Alexander Graf, Spryker Systems / Dominik Dommick, Payback / Nikki Mendonca, Accenture Interactive / Lynne Kjolso, Microsoft / Felicity Carson, IBM Watson. Many of the participants may not have found the time to take part in the 250 hours of program. For most of the participants, personal contacts with other companies are probably at the forefront of the event. Here are the most interesting takeaways DMEXCO 2018 broken down in easy to read parts.



GS1 Germany Solution Partner Tag 2018 | Köln | 11.09.2018

Barcode is an optical, machine-readable symbol printed on products, available in many industries like retail, transport or logistics. GS1 is a not-for-profit organisation that develops and maintains global standards for business communication. The invention of barcodes and the implementation of the GS1 standards lead many industries to undergo a positive transformation. Reduced costs, increased efficiency, and improved inventory management are just a few of the benefits. Topics like QR-Code, Blockchain or Customer Journey, abbreviations like GTIN, BIM, EHI or LGN all make sense after this short read.



K5 Berlin – Future Retail Conference | Berlin | 03.07.2018 – 04.07.2018

The K5 FUTURE RETAIL CONFERENCE 2018 brought together all the big names of the digital retail sector to Berlin. After 2016 “Shifting Value Pools” conference, and the “Thriving in a World of Platforms” in  2017, the 2018 Conference took place on 4 stages with over 100 exhibitors,150 speakers and over 3,000 attendees.

Topics such as Markets In Transition or Consumer Centricity And Personalization, Insights From Data-Driven Parcel Deliveries, Guided Selling Using A Chatbot, Transformation Of A Large Company, Success Strategies In Marketplaces, The Go-To-Market Strategy or Will Advertisement And Commerce Merge To The Customer Experience, Develop A Future With Branding, Data, Infrastructure and Talent.

We covered some of them. Read more here.



CONNECT – Digital Commerce Conference | Zürich | 23.05.2018

Gathering of Who’s Who of the Swiss Retail and Digital Commerce in Zürich at X-Tra.

It is about opportunities of Europe in the face of the superiority of GAFA (Google Amazon Facebook Apple) in the West and TAB (Tencent, Alibaba, Baidu) in the East. Cooperations through digital enabling, Digital innovations and ambitions in B2B with those responsible, Different customer speeches from Silver Surfers and Generation Z, Where will we buy in the future after the desktop retires, How Brands Are Positioned in the Digital Times and How to take your business model to the next level and the important topic as the announced market entry of Amazon in Switzerland and the Chinese market, which offers Swiss traders and manufacturers little-known opportunities.




St. Galler Handelstag – Re-Inventing Retail | St. Gallen | 06.06.2018

Facing the challenges of disruption, the companies must detect the disruption in a process. Often, the previously successful business model is maintained until one loses market share step by step to the new market participants. Against this background, the trade day of the University of St. Gallen in 2018 deals with the disruptive business model transformation. Top managers of successful companies and organizations present and discuss approaches to successful self-disruption.  Focus: Keep calm and digitize. Better to implement 2-3 most important initiatives operationally as a large program with a project portfolio.

Inform yourself about Connected Marketplace of the Future, Leadership and Empowerment in Times of Disruption, Leadership in Disruptive Change, From Traditional Retail & Catalog Business, The Omnichannel – Retail (R) Evolution and Re-Inventing Retail with Cross Channel Technology Solutions.



St. Gallen: Zukunft des Handels | St. Gallen | 17.05.2018

Migros talks about Digital Transformation, VIU about The Omnichannel – Retail (R) Evolution, Google informs about The trade in the age of the assistant, Adello shows The future of the Retails saying AI will disappear, Swiss Retail Federation explains The change in the stationary retail trade. Microsoft knows more about Empowering Retailers and Consumer Goods, Diamondscull talks about The Future of Retails and The Role of Startups, University of St. Gallen: POS Marketing, What future does trade have? and UBS about Digital Personal Banking.

Consistent follow-up of the growth strategy, expansion of the Dealer program, clear focus on technology and logistics competence, expansion to other Countries and discussing Loyalty. Why more customers buy on an online platform and the retail culture evolves; uncompromising customer focus, no regard for legacy, test & learn, fault tolerance.



E-Channels Day 2018 | München | 03.05.2018

The ECD events is known in the e-commerce industry for its unique congress concept: five lecture slots cover the entire spectrum from expert panels to trade byte, partner and marketplace insights. With over 450 enthusiastic guests, 320 one-to-one meetings and 18 exciting lectures, one event fits it all: Users, project managers and decision-makers will find exactly the topics they are most interested in.

In 2018 topics are GenZ, Data, and Your Future, Biggest impact of market entry in Switzerland, Partnership on equal terms, Leading Platform for Fashion and Home and Grüezi – Ecommerce in Switzerland. 




Innovation meets Fashion | Ticino | 26.03.2018

The Ticino FashionTech Valley is the place where Innovation meets Fashion. It is all about companies operating in the e-Fashion sector in Europe. Clothing and fashion items are the most popular product category among Swiss shoppers. Today the fashion and retail industry is facing a period of radical transformation due to margin reductions and the rise of millennial shoppers and shifting of the complete market. The development of the digital revolution uses digitalization aspects and input from different sides. Artificial intelligence, blockchain, virtual reality and classical presentations exchange the perception and the outcome of the fashion and retail industry.




Internet World EXPO | München | 06.03.2018 – 07.03.2018

In 2018, visitors from more than 6,000 national and international companies attended the EXPO in München. Discussions and presentations about Product configurators, product design and product customizing in the shop frontend, Components of the Customer Journey, Automated customer retention, How to turn one-time buyers into regular customers, Price strategies for online shops – Factors influencing price formation in online trading, Roadmap for the digital transformation of B2B companies, Top E-Commerce Conversion Killer and How To Avoid It, Smart internationalization with unlimited shipping options for Packets, Parcels & Returns. Read more in our article.




E-Commerce Berlin EXPO | Berlin | 15.03.2018

On the E-Commerce Berlin Expo 2018 speakers from well-known companies such as L’Oréal, Zalando and Ebay inform and discuss visitors about trends, challenges and solutions in the e-commerce sector. This year marks the third time the E-Commerce Berlin Expo, which brought together more than 3,000 visitors and 83 companies such as DHL, Idealo and Rakuten and well-known speakers such as Karl Wehner from Alibaba Group and Laurence Kozera from Google in one hall could. A number of speakers is well known- including Luka Brekalo, Head of E-Commerce at L’Oreal, Lior Barak, Senior Marketing Analyst at Zalando, and Rob Cassedy, General Manager at Ebay Classifieds. They discussed current and future trends, challenges, but also potential solutions in the e-commerce industry.





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