takes control of their customer data


academic staff




  • No central CRM system in place.
  • Various data structures and formats.
  • Multiple duplicate records.
  • Enormous effort to integrate manually.


  • Integrated databases with 80+ attributes.
  • One coherent and single structure.
  • Increase in reach.
  • No duplicated records.

The School of Management Fribourg (HEG-FR) is one of top management schools in Europe. They prepare program participants for careers in demanding situations. The excellent location of the school, at the crossroads of three countries, together with their trilingualism, allows program participants to hone intercultural and linguistic competences in a truly unique way.


HEG-FR wanted to consolidate their customer databases. Over the time, the school’s customer databases had grown significantly. Not having a central CRM system in place and different people adding and updating contacts, resulted in duplicates, different data structures and formats. “Because of our school’s trilingual environment, employees determine differently how to type in information, creating inconsistency in data,” explains Hanspeter Geisseler, school’s Head of Communication.

“When sending out an email campaign, we first needed to gather all customer databases from different departments. As most of them were using different structures, we had to create also a number of contact lists in our campaign system. This was quite time consuming and often times we ended up sending the same email to the same person 2-3 times.”

It was the right time to consolidate all databases to have one single source of truth. “We knew that a manual approach was not an option for us because of the enormous effort it would have taken. And keeping employees from their jobs is not reasonable.“ The team decided to look for an automated solution. “This is exactly why we turned to Onedot.”


“We have taken back control over our customer data and we are able to work towards our ambitious marketing goals.”

Hanspeter Geisseler, Head of Communications at School of Management Fribourg


Onedot helped HEG-FR with integrating customer information from all available sources, including different databases, information gathered through marketing campaigns and new contacts from other departments that were not previously available to the marketing and communication team.

Previous databases didn’t break out into explicit segments. After integrating all databases into one and mapping the data into a specific target structure, the client ended up with a coherent customer view with more than 80 attributes. “Our customers are divided according to specific segmentation profiles but can be in more than one group at any one time. Now our marketing team can execute personalized, multi-channel campaigns.”

In order to have the latest data available, Onedot’s software identifies duplicates and keeps the most-up-to-date information. Using accurate and reliable customer information benefits in reducing marketing costs. “Otherwise we end up sending multiple mailings and spending more money for less impact,” explains Hanspeter. “It also benefits in having better relationships with your customers. For example, how would you feel getting three emails with different spellings of your name from the same organisation? “


A big part of the data preparation process was to normalise all customers’ contact information like phone numbers, cities, zip codes etc. “Being a trilingual organisation, our databases had different values for the same records. E.g when a German speaking employee would add the city name Freiburg, a French speaking would add Fribourg. We needed a coherent source.”


Many of the contacts in the customer databases had multiple records in one cell. For example a contact would have more than one phone number or email address. “When we would upload our contact lists to our campaign system, the records that had multiple emails, would not be uploaded. The reason being that the system recognises these as not valid. Often times we just left those contacts out, because of the effort of updating the list manually one by one.” Onedot’s software identifies multiple records in one cell with a minimal effort from the user and as an outcome delivers richer data.


Onedot has ensured that HEG-FR would have access to the most current and complete view of their customer information available. “We have taken back control over our customer data and we are able to work towards our ambitious marketing goals. Thank’s to Onedot, we have doubled our campaign reach and increased open rate.”

“Customer data is one of the most valuable assets for an organisation. And we now have easily manageable customer database, so we can quickly identify and take action on further increasing our sales funnel’s conversion rate.”

Hanspeter wholeheartedly recommends Onedot’s data preparation software. “Particularly to those who want to invest in a highly scalable customer database.”



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